Tuesday, August 14, 2012

July update

Sorry it has been soo long since we updated the blog about our sweet Faith. Thank you for your continued prayers and thoughts! The Lords love is still shining through in The Pfeifer home. There have been a few more trials with Faith. We found out her kidneys are looking really healthy, which is a good thing but also found out her reflux is still at a grade 5 on both kidneys, 5 is the worst grade you can have. Also found out she likes to hold her urine. They measure it in pressures. The normal pressure should be about 40 and Faith's is 70! So that's real bad. When the doctor told us all of these results, he also told us he wanted to keep Faith's kidneys in the great shape they are in and don't want them to go down hill. He told us there is a balloon that can be placed in her urethra to help with the pressure. The plan was we will do the pressure along with the ENT operating room visit.
The ENT said every 6 months she wants to go in to the operating room and check to see if there is any granulation or tissue build up in her tracheae. We were noticing that when we would wear her passy-muir (Trach speaking valve) she was having a hard time breathing. So we really weren't putting it on Faith as much as we should be.

About a month ago Faith did go into the operating room and did wonderful!! She had the balloon placed in her urethra as planned. Then the ENT said she removed a large granulation and said Faith will be able to use the passy-muir now. We spent the night and then went home the next day. We stayed in the PICU at CMH. (anytime we are in the hospital we will be in the ICU due to Faith being on the ventilator). We were happy to be home and Faith did wonderful and was very happy for the most part.

Some fun news in Faith's life is she got her new stroller which is called a Kid Kart!!!  This Kid Kart is amazing!  It holds her upright and really helps with her posture!  She is happy in it and we are happy that is in no longer in a normal stroller that does more harm then good.  

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