Thursday, April 21, 2011

Home Again

We did not get to see Neurosurgeon or the Pulminologist today. The Neurosurgeon had a much more serious emergency surgery he was performing all day long and the Pulminologist happened to stop by while I was out having breakfast.

In spite of all that, our outstanding and very proactive General Pediatric Doctor did manage to get a hold of them both and asked them what their recommendations were for Faith.

The Pulminologist said that the most resent drug that they have been trying on Faith seems to have helped her blue spells. For the past three day's, even though Faith still has her breath holding spells when she gets upset, she has been coming out of them on her own without us having to give her breaths. Praise the Lord! Her recomendation was to go home and continue her "cough assist" treatments at least until Faith's next sleep study in May when she can undergo further evaluation.

The Neurosurgeon said that the MRI did reveal that the fluid in Faiths spine had gotten larger through out the week, but until she was showing some physical symptom that this was effecting her he did not want to intervene. He will be seeing her in an outpatient visit in the coming weeks to keep an eye on her progress.

So Faith was discharged from the hospital around 5:30 this evenening. Everyone is home and sleeping in their own beds. It is very nice to be home. Please pray that Faith continues this streak of good health. Thank you so much for your prayers. We will keep you posted.

Mic and Ashley

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