Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Follow up to Kidneys

We received a phone call from CMH letting us know that it would be best if Faith would be cathed every four hours.  This would help the pressure off her bladder and it would also help all that urine going back into her kidneys.  However, they did say that her kidneys look healthy and this will hopefully keep them in good condition.  On Monday, a week ago we went to CMH to learn how to cath Faith.  It is a VERY EASY thing to do.  The whole process takes about two minutes.  She will be doing this her whole life.  Faith holds so much urine in her bladder, I'm sure she has been in pain with it.  She just doesn't have that control to be able to release it when she needs to go.  Since it's been a week we really feel like it has been helping her moods.  Yes she is still passing out, but we feel like it has been because she isn't getting her way or she is mad for some other reason. Side Note: I often think about how I want to ask Mr. & Mrs. Ezzo, the author of Baby Wise and Growing Kids God Way, What is your advice about letting your 10 month old baby have their way, if the consequents is they pass out if they don't win.-please no answers, she will be getting her way until she stops passing out or she is old enough to know what's really going on.

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