Sunday, October 2, 2011

Neuro/Pulmonary Update


We called Faiths Neurosurgeon to request an interpretation of Faith's MRI. The conversation was brief and all good news. The MRI revieled no new developments or concerns PTL! Infact, the only change they saw from the scans was that the pocket of fluid in the middle of her spine has decreased in width and increased in length. This is not a concern as long as we have not seen any loss in motor skills (which we have not). Neurosurgery said that everything looked great and they would like to see her in clinic in 6 months. They will continue to watch her as she grows.


Last week we had a pulminology appointment to see if they would adjust Faith's bi-pap settings. Faith sleeps with a bi-pap at night to help her maintain good oxygen and CO2 levels while she sleeps, she has some difficulty with this. While she seemed to do well on it when we first came home, she seems to have grown out of the settings, her sleep has become wrestless and her oxygen levels keep dipping.

Durring Faith's appointment, the Pulmonologist informed us that bi-paps are not designed for infants. And in faith's case the settings are not precise enough for Faiths needs. He told us that Faith should be on a ventilator at night. Ashley and I didn't like hearing this. From the beginning we have been praying that Faith dosen't have to be on a "life support" machine. But the doctor went on to explain that in Faith's case the ventilators function would not be much diffrent than the bi-pap. It would just help her sleep more comfortably and safer. Hearing this made the idea much easier for Ashley and I to swallow.

In order to be trained to use the new piece of equipment Faith will have to be admitted to the ICU for up to two days. We are still waiting to hear back on when this appointment will be scheduled.

Fun Stuff

Tonight we attended the annual church event at Gary's Berries. We had a great time. ALL OF US! I took Faith down the slide twice. This is something I did with both of the other kids in the years past and wanted to do with Faith too. I was tenative at first, but after some coaxing from my wife and a few friends, I decided Faith had it in her. She loved it! And it was good for me too.


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