Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Year New Beginnings

A news update with the home health nurse.  Right before Thanksgiving we let our full time nurse go.  We were looking for a new full time nurse and during that time (a month went by) and realized that I could handle all three kids on my own.  I loved being a Mom to Faith for the first time.  I know I have always been her mom but for the first time I am taking care of her, giving her a bath, taking everywhere I go and I am even happy that I am the one changing the diapers.  SO NORMAL, which I love!  The only down fall is that the refrigerator and panty having been looking pretty bare.  And also taking her to church has started to be a little too much.  After much thought and prayer we decided that a nurse would be great two days a week, Sunday morning so we can go to church and then Thursday so I can do all my errands around town, maybe get some food in our house. ;)  After many many interviews we found a new nurse!!  Her name is Beth and she herself just had a baby girl two months ago.  So far so good with Beth!!

This has been one year filled with tears, praises and laughter.  Our Biggest Praise is that Faith has turned one!!  And many doctors told us she wouldn't make it to one years old.  So once again she has proved those doctors wrong.  She is a living example to remind me that the Lord is in control with each day, hour, and minute we live.  In the past year our marriage has blossomed not fallen apart, our family is closer and we are not living at Children's Mercy Hospital anymore!  Last year at this time we were so oblivious to what Faith was bring our way.  We thought Faith was going to be in the ICU for 14 days on her tummy while her back healed from the surgery then come home and live a normal life, boy were we wrong.  With everyday we were there living at the hospital we knew the Lord has something up his sleeve.  Still to this day we don't know why Faith is the way she is, but we have had SO many people come up to us and tell us stories about how Faith has grown their faith and stories about how Faith is being used as their witnessing tool to others.  We must stand strong and fight!

Thank You for all who supported Denise while she was out there running 1,000 miles in honor of Faith!!  She made her goal plus some extra miles!!  Way to go Denise!!  Also a big thanks for all the finical support with that run!

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  1. What a great post filled with awesome outcomes and hope brought on by God's great mercy and love and through prayer.