Thursday, May 19, 2011


Tuesday, we had an ENT and Kidney appointment. at CMH. I will give a brief summary of what happened. We are excited to tell the ENT Doc that we could hear noise coming out of Faith's mouth, some crying, and some humming sounds. On the other hand we were nervous that the ENT doc was going to scope Faith and she would get mad turn blue pass out and the doc would want to admit her. They called Faith's name while we were in the waiting room, all five of us went back to see the doc, Nurse Linda, Mic, Elizabeth, Faith and myself (Mason had preschool then went and to hang with aunt holly and cuz eliajh). Everything was going perfect no news really just telling ENT doc what's been going on. The doc looked at the trach said it was looking good. Then she wanted to scope Faith. To "scope" means they take this little camera and in your nose and down your throat then they can see your vocal cords. The doc placed the scope in and Faith was MAD the scope didn't even make it past the inside of the nose. You must take a breath for the "doors" to open in your throat so the camera can go down and Faith was not breathing. Faith went on to blue and the did pass out but came back on her own. The doc didn't even say anything about readmitting her!!! PTL!!! So the scope was worthless with no results. But I am glad they tried anyway.

The Kidney appointment was more for monitoring her high blood pressure. They still don't know why Faith even has high blood pressure. She will always be a mystery. :) She has been on two different blood pressure meds, they decided to try taking one away and keeping her on the other. Pray with one med her blood pressure stay at a normal reading.

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