Saturday, May 28, 2011

Faiths sleep study went well in the sense that they got the information that they needed. The process of hooking her up, however, did not go as smoothly as last time. The technician said that it is not uncommon for kids to dislike sleep studies the older they get. Check out the video.

As you can see Faith had a lot of gear hooked up to her and the process of getting everything put on her took about an hour. During this process Faith got mad, turned blue and passed out about three times, pretty much one right after another. It wasn't fun, but she slept well after we got her all wrapped up.

After the study was over the next morning, while we were taking all of the equipment back off of her, Faith had another three or four blue spells....but who's counting right. Faith was quite the trooper and eventually, we got her all cleaned up. She was definitely ready to go home and so were Popop and I.

We have not received the results of the sleep study yet, but the technician said it went well and that they got a lot of good information. Thanks for praying for us while we were up there. We love you all.

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