Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Faith is out of Surgery!

She's all done!

We visited with both the neurosurgeon and the plastic surgeon after the surgery. Both doctors had nothing but great things to say about Faith's operation. The neurosurgeon said the shunt went in just as planned. The shunt now extends from the right ventricle in Faith's brain down to her abdomen. It will prevent any potential future swelling in her brain. Praise the Lord that this procedure went smoothly.

Both doctors were very pleased with the procedure performed on her back. There was plenty of healthy tissue to work with to provide two layers of protection for the spinal cord. One layer of muscle provided by her lumbar (back) muscles. These muscles will hopefully prevent any future leakage of spinal fluid below the skin. The second layer is made from skin from her mid back. There was enough skin in this area of her back to remove the portion we needed to patch the hole and pull the excess together and hold it with stitches. It sounds confusing, but looks fabulous. The plastic surgeon took several pictures of the procedure and said he would have them emailed to us. 

Now we are on the road to recovery. She still is on a respirator to help her breath as she comes out of anesthesia. They will remove this sometime tomorrow. The plastic surgeon said she should stay on her stomach for about 10 days. I'm not quite sure what this means for feeding yet, but these guys have a plan for everything so we aren't too worried about it. I don't think Ashley is going to visit her tonight, which is just as well, the nurses said she wouldn't be able to hold her for a while anyway.  She's really looking forward to visiting her tomorrow.

Its been a long day for everyone. Thanks for continuing to watch our blog and all of your prayers. This is probably all for tonight.

Tomorrow is a new day.


This is a video that I took prior to surgery.
Cant wait till she recovers


    Mic and Ashley you have a precious little girl!
    You all get some much needed rest tonight and seize the day tomorrow!

  2. Wow, Amazing. I'm so glad this all went well today. Looking forward to hear more and more about God's hand at work. Praise God, she's amazing..so beautiful!


  3. Rachel, Jacob & I just watched the video Mic! You're absolutely right, "She is beautiful." Thank you so much for this blog....we've been watching for updates all day...it feels like a real lifeline to you. Rachel keeps asking, "any updates?" Sleep well. Hugs to Ashley!

  4. She is so absolutely beautiful, Mic and Ashley. If I just want to scoop her up and snuggle her I can't imagine how you must feel. Among other things, I pray these days will seem to go by quickly so you can truly enjoy her and be close to her all the time. That baby is truly loved and so blessed to be surrounded by her family. Thanks for all the posts, Mic. I'm on edge like the others to find out how she is doing throughout the day.

  5. What a great blog and amazing family! Faith is beautiful and I can't wait to read more updates. Praying for you guys, and precious Faith!
    Hugs to Ashley!
    Cousin Kari

  6. Praying for you all daily, hourly! Thanks for the updates and the wonderful examples you are of God's love and peace in your lives! You are amazing and I can't wait to see Faith in person! Praise the Lord for such good reports that keep flowing in! Keep them coming God!

  7. Ashley, we have been praying and will continue. So glad to know our God cares and knows every aspect of your sweet little girl's life. She is beautiful!