Monday, December 27, 2010

Sweet Dreams

Fresh bath and a warm bed.
This will be her new home for a while.

Tyler, Doc and I went to visit Faith at Children's Mercy this evening. She was sleeping for the most part. We visited with the resident in charge of the night shift. She wasn't able to answer all of our questions, but she did have some good news. While Faith's spine is visible it has been protected by a thin membrane preventing transfer of fluids in and out of her body (the membrane looks like clear suran wrap). This is wonderful news as it greatly decreases her chances of nerve damage from amniotic fluid and potential future swelling in her brain. Praise the Lord!

She still has a ways to go. Tomorrow morning I will meet with the surgeons and discuss her surgery. They will explain their plan to graft skin over the opening in her back and the possibility of putting a shunt in. If all goes well she'll have the first slot in the O.R. tomorrow morning. Keep her in your prayers and I will let you know how it goes as soon as she comes out of surgery.

Ashley is recovering well. Sometime after Faith's surgery tomorrow, the nurses here will give Ashley a pass to go see Faith at Children's Mercy. Please pray for her strength, continued recovery, and her first adventure out without these great nurses. She really misses Faith and hopefully they will let her hold her for the first time and everyone will be on the road to recovery after that :).

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