Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Recovery Day

Mommy's First Visit

Ashley got to visit Faith twice today. It was a long awaited reunion. Faith is still pretty heavily sedated so she was sleeping for both of our visits, but we didn't mind. She definitely needs her rest after yesterday's Surgery. On our first visit we met with Faith's pediatric Doctor. She let us know that Faith would continue to be on a ventilator until sometime this evening or early tomorrow morning. They are measuring her head regularly to make sure that there is no swelling, but they are waiting until they can put her on her back to examine her brain with a CAT scan. They also intend, during the CAT scan, to review her kidney's to make sure they are functioning correctly. They will do this sometime next week. During our visit the doctors had to start another (larger) IV in her scalp, opposite the side of her shunt. This will make things kind of uncomfortable for her since there is stuff going on with both sides of her head and she has to lay on one or the other, but its necessary to get her the medication that she needs.

The rest of her day was pretty uneventful. However, several people came to visit Ashley and I, which  kept our day pretty full. We took our second trip over to see Faith this evening with friends and family. Not much to report for this evening other than the nurses put a bow in her hair which was welcomed by everyone as a sign of things getting better already. I would have taken a picture but we forgot our camera. We will be sure to take one tomorrow.

Thanks for checking in.


  1. Ashley, you look great! So glad your visits went well and little Faith looks awesome. Can't wait to see you guys this afternoon. Hope Mic and you received restful sleep last night. Praise the Lord for all the victories we have already and to come! We love you all very much!

  2. We are so grateful for these updates! Rachel and Jacob ask constantly throughout the day...."any Faith updates?" We're so grateful for the positive news you've received so far. We continue to pray with you and for you. Love, Aunt Stephanie & All

  3. God blesses us so we can give Him the glory - - I'm praising Him with you in this precious gift of life. Been praying and will continue.

  4. Ashley you look great! And soo happy! Faith is beautiful! Can't wait to meet her in person! Praying for you everyday! Thanks for the updates and we love the videos! God is Good!

  5. Oh what a long awaited reunion for Ashley and Faith. You both look GREAT. Oh, you too Mic. So thankful you both got a much needed restful night. Glad to hear you were dismissed Ashley. You all continue to take special care and God's speed for you all to be home soon.

  6. Hi Ashley,
    love the video! Faith is a little sweetheart and looks so peaceful sleeping.
    God is with you; you look well and happy. Get plenty of rest. Sending you hugs and prayers.
    Darlene and family