Monday, January 17, 2011

ER visit update 1

Quick update.. We have met with several doctors. While they do seem concerned, the initial reaction is not one of urgency. They said that she will need to be readmitted and that they will begin testing for the several potential causes for the seizures. They have already performed a CAT scan, x-ray, and are in the process of doing blood work. Still to come urin test and another IV, most likely in her scalp again :(.

Our most recent visit was from a general surgeon. He reviewed the CAT scan and does not think that it is likely that the shunt is most likely unrelated. This is good because it means less potential for surgery. Now we wait for some of the other tests to come back.

Thanks for your prayers.


  1. we are praying for you all!

    blaire ruch

  2. You are in our prayers.
    Doug & Leida

  3. Your family is in our prayers - especially baby Faith but also for you guys to get rest and receive encouragement and for Mason and Elizabeth to be content at G'parents.
    Love you.
    Jane and Bill