Sunday, January 9, 2011

Weekend Update

On Friday afternoon, the Physical Therapist came by and gave me lots of advice on how to help Faith build some muscle in her bottom.  She made a blue strap that goes around both of Faith's thighs.  This will help keep her hips mid line and build muscle in her bottom.  With no strap her legs look like a frog.  We are trying to prevent this from happening.  She doesn't mind the strap on.  The nurses have also started to do a few leg exercises with her.  They are also helping with the bottom muscles.

On Friday night, Mason and Elizabeth came up to see Faith one more time before Children Mercy shuts down the NICU to all siblings due to illness and the winter weather.  They both kissed Faith and said she was cute.   Mason asked "Can we take her home today?"  It is really hard for them to understand why she has to stay there when Mic and I talk about "When Faith gets home....".

On Saturday, the only news was they took out her IV out of her scalp!  The nurse said she seems to look like she is more comfortable.

Mic and I went up to see Faith today!  We had a great time seeing her.  One of Faith's doctors came by today while we were there and told us that tomorrow is the day for the kidney test.  This kidney test is to make sure they are functioning correctly, and a test to make sure her bladder is emptying all of the way.  The doctor also said she will be on her back for this!!  This is big news since she has NEVER been on her back.  They were also going to try to do the hearing test tomorrow, since we will be able to be on her back.  They will see how she does for the kidney test to see if she can handle it too.

We really want to go up to see her, and ask how all her tests went.  With the weather we think it will be best if we wait for a later date to go up. We will have to settle for a phone call update with her nurse to see how her testing went.


  1. OH, FAITH IS JUST SO BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for the update. Faith and all of you have been on my mind and heart, wondering how everyone was doing. Praying for God's hand on Faith tomorrow for her tests and being on her back for the first time!

  2. Yea, a bow!!!! I love that while we all worry and wonder about that sweet baby, she always seems so peaceful and perfectly wonderful. :) What a blessing.