Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Last Couple of Days

On Monday I was at Faith's bedside when one of the plastic surgeons came by to check her back.  The plastic surgeon said it was looking wonderful and almost better then what they were expecting.  PTL!  During rounds several other doctor's came by and said all is looking really well.  Her head circumference is looking good.  We are wanting it to gradually go down, this will show us the shunt is working. Mimi came up to visit around lunch time and got to hold and feed Faith.  After lunch the neurologist came by and checked her shunt and said it is looking so good. It was a very active day.

We were missing our kids and Faith is doing so well, so we decide to take a day off from being at the hospital.  We came home on Monday night and got to play with our kids and put them in their own bed to sleep.  All day today we have been doing lots of catching up with them.  We didn't realize how much we missed them until we were with them.

Mic spoke with Faith's nurse over the phone today. She said Faith is eating more and more everyday.  She is now up to 2 oz every 3 hours.  The nurse said the physical therapist came by and made a "hip row" to put under Faith's tummy. This will help her to keep her knees tucked under her instead of her hips being spread open all the time while always being on her stomach  The other new thing in Faith's life is a new mattress called the Geo Matt, it is kind of like a memory foam mattress.

 Faith was going to have a hearing test today but the doctor decided to wait until later in the week when she can be on her back.  I guess they couldn't get the headphones on her head correctly with her having to stay on her belly.  Sounds like Faith will be having lots of testing toward the end of the week;  A hearing test, a kidney test to make sure they are functioning correctly, a test to make sure her bladder is emptying all of the way, and possibly a scan on her shunt to make sure all is looking well there too.  Sounds like we will be having a busy end of the week.


  1. FYI two brand names to look into per our phone conversation. Earth's best & the seventh generation. Both are sold at babies r us!!

  2. Thanks again for the update. So glad you were able to spend some one-on-one time with Mason and Elizabeth. I'll bet they were so happy to have mommy and daddy home for awhile. I also bet the are excited for Faith to join your household. Praise the Lord for all his goodness and gently hands on Faith. She is one of the luckies girls to have a family like all of you! Continued blessing to your family,

  3. This is wonderful news- I am so glad Ashley is getting to hold her precious baby!