Monday, March 21, 2011

She's Out of Surgery...Again

Faith is out of surgery! Everything went great. She is now in recovery and it is sooo nice to see her face without any hoses or tape on it. The chubby cheeks do exsist and they are beautiful!!! I will post a picture as soon as I get a chance.

Thanks so much to everyone who is thinking of us today. A special thanks to these two ladies who brought us some munchies to enjoy while we are here. The lady on the left, Melanie, is a blog follower who we have never met until today. The lady on the right, Stephanie is one of my brother, Travis' friends. These two ladies are in a bible study together.

Melanie Sloan and Stephanie Claunch

Another special Thanks to Mimi (phoebe) and Papop (doc), Don and Linda Verge, and Aunt Alison and Cousin Hudson for coming to hang out with us while the surgery was in progress. Of course MANY other thanks go out to everyone else who has been helping us in many ways and thank you so much for your prayers.


  1. Fantastic! Now I'm praying for an uncomplicated recovery... and I can't wait to see another picture of her beautiful face you described. :)

  2. How amazing for you to have people like Melanie & Stephanie! Just goes to show you how much you are loved and how big our God us!