Sunday, March 27, 2011

To the Floor

On Friday we went up to see Faith in the morning and when we arrived to the PICU, her nurse told us Faith will be moving to the floor soon.  We were so excited!  In another words that means she is getting better, everything is going wonderfully and she no longer need to be in the ICU. Praise the Lord!

When Faith was moved to the floor later that day, we spoke with her doctor and he said if everything stays the same or keeps getting better then we could expect for Faith to go home on Wednesday.  Since we have been in this boat a few times now, we will only be excited when she is in the carseat in our van on the way home.  Then we both will know she is really coming home.  They will not discharge Faith if any of her numbers are off, like her temp or gets any kind of infection.  Please pray that her health stays well and she remains strong.

I went and saw her today and she looks wonderful!  She told me she is ready to come home! :)  Ever since her trache was placed I really feel like she has been awake and more alert more.  My theory is because she no longer has to work so hard to breath she can use that energy being awake and looking around.  However she is still on that puff of extra oxygen so please also pray that she will soon, very soon grow out of needing that and she would be able to breath completely on her own.

As for helping me out...With Faith having the G-Tube (feeding tube) placed we will be feeding her through her stomach.  There is a "button" on her stomach where we will be attaching a tube to feed her.  With that being said, Faith is in need of some 3-6 month shirts, not onesies and no snaps in the crotch area, a true shirt.  This way we will be able to pull up the shirt and attach the tube and not have to take off shorts and then unsnap her shirt.  The true shirt will make it so easy.  The only reason I am adding this in the blog is because I have looked many many places for shirts 3-6 months and can not find any.  If you find a store please let me know.  Thanks!


  1. I'll see what I can find! if it's got blue in it, does that matter? :)

  2. I will start looking too!! If Claire has any, I will send them your way.

    YAY FAITH!!! I better go to Daddy Cakes again to welcome her home!!! :)