Monday, February 21, 2011

After much deliberation on Sunday the ENT and Neurosurgeons here at Children's Mercy have decided that there is a possibility that Faiths airway restrictions could be the result of partial paralyses of Faith's vocal cords. This diagnosis is much more complicated to resolve than the throat surgery discussed in the last post. Dr. Hornig (Neurosurgeon) will be here tomorrow to discuss the details of this condition and possible solutions.

There is some good news. Faith was put under sedation and on a respirator for her MRI. She was weened off of the respirator and it was removed at midnight last night. Faith went five hours without any help!!! This means her brain is now sending the correct messages regarding how much to breath. Her previous brain stem decompression surgery is working. However as the evening went on her airway began to close and although she still fought for every breath on her own it was decided that until a solution is found to free up her airway she need to be put back on the respirator.

We will keep you posted on the Neurosurgeon's recommendation as soon as we know more.

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