Thursday, February 10, 2011

What this week has looked like.

After Faith's surgery Grandma Melanie came down from Montana to watch after the kid's for a week. This was at the expense of her own sick day's at work. We are so grateful that she came down and the kids loved her being here. Thanks Grandma for spending the week with us!
We took advantage of Grandma being here by spending every day with Faith during her recovery from surgery.  The Neurosurgeon feels that her incision is healing extremely well. There has been a build up of cerebral spinal fluid under her incision (feels like a tiny water balloon under the skin). This development was anticipated and may go away over time.

Now Faith's neck has healed and we have begun the process of preparing for discharge, but Faith's health situation has not remained consistent. Over the past four or five days she has caught a stomach flu, had a few sporadic apneas, and a spell of low blood pressure. Faith has overcome all of these things and is doing very well. The doctor's would like to see Faith in a state of good health for at least 24 hours prior to discharge. We would love for Faith to come home, but 24 hours seems like a pretty short period of observation, as crazy as her health has been over the last few days.

Faith will continue to be on a monitor and oxygen when she comes home in order to ensure her blood/oxygen levels stay where they should be. We have been set up with a company named Apria to supply us with all of Faith's oxygen needs. They delivered the items below.

If Faith continues to do well, she could come home as early as Saturday. We are nervous and anxious to see what life is going to be like after the hospital. Please pray for Faith's continued health and growth when she comes home.

We love you all,
Mic and Ashley.

Here are a couple of our favorite Doctors at Children's Mercy

Dr. Jang Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Hornick (Crazy Hair) Neurosurgeon

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  1. Thanks for the new updates on what to pray for. Great pictures. I look forward to meeting beautiful little Faith!