Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Recovering in a snow storm.

Faith is doing really well. Her first 24 hours of recovery were very sore and pretty cranky, which is to be expected for a surgery like this. After the appropriate does of the right narcotics was administered it was pretty smooth sailing from there.

We are anxious to see improvement with her apnias, but the doctor said it could be a month before we do. Thus far there has been no change as far as we can tell, but we are watching and waiting patiently while she heals. Bare with us while we wait. It might be a while before anything changes.

Here is  a video of Faith a few hours after surgery. She would fuss unless we patted her chest, I guess she just wanted to be sure we were still there.

Here is a picture of her incision today. All of the doctors say it looks outstanding.


  1. She looks great! We will pray for good results!! Love Ang

  2. Thank the Lord! Surgery #3! Successful! Way to go Faith! Praying for continued healing and for mom and dad too!

  3. She is one special little girl. She is going to teach you a lot. So excited that the surgery went good. PTL. Faith and her family are always in our prayers.

    Doug & Leida