Monday, February 21, 2011

Faith is back in surgery

The Neurosurgeon met with us this morning to review Faith's MRI. He dosen't know what would be causing the partial paralysis of Faith's vocal cords. His bigger concern was a swelling ventricle in her cerebellum in the brain. He believes that this ventricle is concerning enough that a stent needs to be put in today. The placement of the stent will be in an area of the brain that presents some risk to the surgery because some large blood vessles in this area may produce heavy bleeding. He also will need to cut out the portion of the skull that he avoided last timewhen he performed surgery in this area. Please pray that this will all go well.

While the swollen area in the cerebellum is a major concern for the Neurosurgeon he does not feel this is related to the problems with Faith's vocal cords and breathing. The vocal cord function would be controled by the area already addressed by the previous surgery. The Neurosurgeon feels that this development does not fit with all of her other functions contininung to get better. He thinks that there should be other symptoms that would develope with poor vocal cord control. His plan is to revisit the area he worked on earlier to make sure that everything is healing correctly and there is nothing he can see on the MRI. If he finds nothing our hope is that the enlarged ventrical is some how related  to the issue. Please pray that this issue is resolved with this surgery.

Faith's surgery began at 2:00 they have checked in once at 3:30 to let us know that everything is going okay. We well let you know how it went as soon as she gets out.

Thanks for all your prayers and for checking in


  1. This little one is in God's hands. He won't let anything happen to her because He loves her so much. We are praying for wisdom for the surgeons and strength for you and your family. You all are in GOD"S hands.

    Love Leida & Doug

  2. Praying Ashley! Your family is in my heart and prayers so very often!!!